from the river to the sea...

Come and explore the Orpellières Natural Reserve along the Orb.  From Sérignan, go down the river unto the sea by this typically Mediterranean environment.

Alone, with family or friends, discover our options adapted to your different levels of physical fitness and why not, go and enjoy a quiet corner of the beach far from the hustle and bustle of summer coastal traffic.


  • PARCOURS N°1                                                                                 THE BAYOU ROUTE


    (Duration according to preference — STARTING LEVEL)

    No shuttle — Departure and return to Sérignan Base

    Paths are navigable even during high wind days


    Immerse yourself in the wild with only a few paddle strokes from the city center.

    You choose the duration of your journey according to your mood or physical condition in a very quiet and natural environment. Ideal to relax and to take the time for a pic-nic.

    This pathway is particularly suited to initiations, to those who want to navigate with childrens or their 4-pad partner. The most adventurous ones will also be able to discover the St Pierre mill situates 5 km upstream (dating from the Wisigoths, around the sixth century).


    This path is also available as an evening variant:

    “The Trail of Camille”

    (duration 4h/10 km roundtrip) 3 hours navigating + 1 hour of rest

    Departure from Sérignan in late afternoon at the closure of the base

    Navigate upstream, pass under the red bridge and you will no longer see anyone other than a few fishermen. The contrasts of lights created by sunset seem real postcards landscapes. The freshness is set up and the animals start coming out, if you are discreet and attentive you may be able to see some of them. You can relax on the river beach before you go back. We recommend you to carry some snacks and refreshments to make the most of the moment. A unique experience of immersion in wild nature to be appreciated with your

    couple, family or friends. Provide a jacket to anticipate the freshness of the evening.



  • PARCOURS N°2                                                                        THE DESCENT OF THE MILL


    (duration approx. 2h/6 km — Level beginner )

    Departure from Sérignan — Shuttle on the way up, you return to the base


    The path is practicable even in windy days.



    Go to the Sérignan base to pick up the equipment. A shuttle will then take you to the pier upstream. You will soon arrive navigating to the St Pierre mill  (which dates back to the Wisigoth, about the sixth century).

    You will be able to appreciate the premises and get back on track towards Sérignan after a small pause on a river beach. You will navigate along the green banks of the Orb and enjoy the calm of these natural and preserved areas. On

    arrival, your car is waiting for you to leave the car park directly.



  • PARCOURS N°3                                                                        ALONG THE NATURE RESERVE


    (duration 2h/6.5 km — Starting LEVEL)

    Departure from Sérignan Base — Back to Quai des Huîtres (return by shuttle)



    Enjoy the peaceful and typical landscapes of a southern basin at following the quiet rhythm of the Orb. Navigate on the banks of the Natural Reserve of Orpellières to discover the local fauna and flora. From the departure to the estuary, you’ll notice the transition of nature, the large trees from the beginning will gradually turn into reeds. By coming closer to the sea, the presence of sailing ships and ports will immerse you in the world of the sailors.



  • PARCOURS N°4                                                                         SEA & BEACH EXTENSION


    (Additional 2 hours of which 1:30 hours rest on the beach/2 km plus — EASY LEVEL)

    Subject to favourable weather conditions.


    This extension of “The Natural Reserve” route will allow you to go beyond arrival and navigate into the estuary to reach the Mediterranean. Take time for a pic-nic, a bathing and lay under the sun on the wild beach of Orpellières. In only 15 min navigating you will be back to the "Quai des Huîtres"; where one of

    our shuttles will pick you up to returning to the base.



    This path is also available as an evening variant :

    “Sunset on the beach”

    You start when the base closes and we pick you up before the night. Enjoy the beautiful colours of the end of the day, watch the sun behind the Pyrenees chain, lay on the sand... Please foresee refreshments to make the most of the moment.

    People at the end of the day will gradually leave, leaving the room for the calm, allowing you to appreciate the noise of the waves on the sand. Take a windbreak or a small jacket to anticipate the freshness of the evening.



  • PARCOURS N°5                                        FROM THE RVER TO THE SEA (combination of pathways 2-3-4)


    (all day long/14 km — EASY LEVEL according to your physical condition)


    Find us at the Sérignan base to equip you. A first shuttle will take you to pier ";des Vignes" upstream. You will soon arrive navigating to St Pierre mill. You will be able to enjoy the beauty of the place and the pebbles beach. From there, you will start your descent to the sea. Several stops will be possible on the path to rest or eating. You will pass though Sérignan and then continue towards the Natural Reserve, the estuary, the sea and the beach. 15 last minutes navigating will finally allow you to join the shuttle at the "Quai des Huîtres" to go back to the departure point.



  • Some routes can be taken even on windy days. By going upstream, the banks are very wooded and protected; even under strong winds, navigation is still possible.
  • We are a family business, the only one offering canoe rides on this river section.
    It is mandatory to be at least 4 years old, weigh at least 18 kg and know how to swim over 200 m.
  • The water level is high even in summer, the canoes never touch the bottom.
    Bayou canoë is one of the safest bases in France: Unlike other bases in remote locations, our waters are calm, the possibility of contact by telephone is permanent and the many vehicle access allows us to guarantee a very good level of safety throughout the journey.
    In addition, our unique situation on the seaside allows access to the river to vessels and jet-skis of the National Maritime Rescue Service.
  • All our formulas include all the required equipment: Life jackets, canoe paddles and a 24 L carrier drums.
    You can come with pets such as dogs, cats or turkeys, but we can only offer the routes without shuttle service. Make sure your pet knows swimming, floating or flying over the water.
    It’s recommended to wear bathing clothes. Whether it is for journeys to the sea or upstream,
    all our canoeists end up a bit wet.
  • Remember to take the necessary precautions against heat and sun!
    At the base, you can buy: Water bottles EUR 2,00 / waterproof covers for telephones EUR 9,00 / floating eyeglass cords EUR 4,00 / solar cream EUR 10,00 / caps EUR 10,00.


Since our telephone line is very popular, please, read the information about the routes before calling. This way we will

be able to give you the best advice when booking by telephone from 10 to 18: 00 h., 7 days/7.





CAR: Free parking in Sérignan. Find Bayou Canoë on GoogleMaps, Waze, Here, etc.

Cycling has become very popular in the recent years. Bayou Canoë can be reached by cycle paths, it is possible to park

the bicycles on site.

Bus: lines E, 3 and 20 serve the two nearby bus stops, from Béziers, Valras and Sérignan Plage.

At the end of your journey to the sea, the return shuttle can leave you at the entrance to Sérignan Plage (‘La Maïre’

bus stop) or you can return to Valras Plage directly with the “Lily Passeur” boat, which provides the link between the

“Quai des Huîtres” and the port of Valras beach. In this way, you do not have to take the bus back or return to the


Line E: Allows you to reach the base from Béziers (20 min) or Valras Plage (10 min), by arriving at the “Promenade”

stop at 1 minute walking. When you leave the bus, you only have to cross the pedestrian bridge: the base is just on the

other side. Frequency, 2 buses per hour.

Line 3: Allows you to reach the base from Villeneuve-lès-Béziers (15 min) or Valras beach (15 min), by arriving at the

Sérignan Passerelle stop, you will be just in front of the entrance of the base. Frequency: 1 bus per hour.

Line 20: Allows you to reach the base from Villeneuve-lès-Béziers (15 min) or Sérignan beach (7 min), by arriving at the

Sérignan Passerelle stop, you will be just in front of the entrance of the base. Frequency 1 bus per hour.

All timetables available on ‘Se deplacer’ tab.